Angela Beschta Warrior's For Angie

First post: Dec 7, 2017 Latest post: Jan 1, 2018
Dearest family, friends, and fellow humans:

Angela and her son Bradley (aka the onelegged hopper writing this) have taken the journey to an alternative clinic in Mexico called CMN Hospital Alternative Cancer Treatment. We will be at the facility for 28 days from December 6th to January 3rd. During this month of Angela kicking ass and fighting like the true warrior she is, please keep us in your prayers/thoughts so that God and the law of attraction permit proper healing to rid her body of any ailment on all levels- whether it be physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual.  

For those uninformed, Angela is battling stage 4 breast cancer which is considered terminal based on the disease spreading to bones as metastases throughout her body. Since her double mastectomy at the time of her diagnosis in 2012, Angie has encountered many road blocks, the biggest being bone metastases which has led to multiple surgeries to remove or suppress the tumors which continue to cause debilitating trauma to her spine, ribs, legs & pelvic regions. Despite an aggressive approach to treatment, her tumors continue to grow. Throughout all of her highs and lows, Angie continues to count her blessings. She operates on a premise that someone else always has it worse than she does and goes out of her way to make you laugh, give comfort and support others she meet along her the way.  

Angela's last major surgeries in September 2017 included spinal fusions (kyphoplasy), a right hip replacement, and fixing a broken rod in her pelvis, which were necessary procedures but completely immobilized her afterwards.  Especially on top of the pain from the cancer itself, these surgeries made the last couple of months an incredibly difficult and painful recovery time (to this day).  Although chemo and radiation are options still available, they make Angela feel even more weak and sick as she struggles to heal.  As her son, I knew it was time for a CHANGE and we needed to act NOW! 

With the help of my sister Jordan (sorry Brandon, you were in Madison), we spent countless hours doing research looking for nontoxic alternatives to conventional medicine.  Although skeptical about these treatments at first, we reached out and contacted people who have actually been helped by these alternatives. This is actually how we found out about CMN hospital, which offers nearly all of the alternative therapies we read about. The clinic also incorporates holistic and integrative medicine like including healthy meals, giving IV supplements, and providing emotional/mental counselling. 

Being the blogger for our trip, I want to let everyone understand that this is not only Angela's healing journey, but also mine and my whole family's.  All of us in some way or another have been affected by this horrible disease, which is why the end goal from writing this blog is to spread awareness and give information about other options for care. Most importantly,  I want to SEE my mother as a miracle like she perceives me as one.  As my best friend and confidant, the special bond I share with my mom is unlike any relationship between a mother and son.  She was my caretaker growing up; now I am her caretaker as a young man.  Even though I acknowledge and try to realize the trauma, stress, and guilt she experienced from my lawnmower accident, I understand it will forever be felt and hurt inside her heart. I also understand that therapy and counseling are great tools to help cope with disorders like PTSD... but deep down I know that I personally needed to be in Mexico with her as she undergoes these therapies. No matter what, I wholeheartedly believe that God and the universe purposely put me in the position I'm in today to be able to care for her like she did for me.  She always says she perceives me as a walking miracle from surviving the accident, so the least I can do is be part of her miracle! We hope you'll help support Angie's continued courage and strength, while giving her the extra encouragement and motivation to keep up her faith, fight and belief in miracles.

Thank you all and God Bless!