Angee Fisher

First post: Jan 4, 2019 Latest post: Mar 23, 2019
MealTrain website to organize meals. 

Welcome to Angee's CaringBridge website.  We have created this in order to have a common place for all of Angee's friends and loved ones to understand where she is at and the best way to help her and her family through this challenging time.

On December 6th, Angee went to the ER to find out why her left arm and hand was swollen and blue and her neck looked like a football player!  They treated her for a subclavian blood clot and sent her home.  On December 27th, the doctors found a large mass (or tumor) in Angee's chest, and by January 4th, she was diagnosed with cancer (diffuse large B cell lymphoma to be exact).  

Angee will be fighting her cancer by enduring a total of 6 rounds of an aggressive cocktail of chemotherapy drugs.  The first round will be administered while she is an inpatient at the hospital, and the 5 subsequent treatments will be as an outpatient.  This goal of this treatment, is to cure Angee of her disease and to allow her to live a long and healthy life after this fight, but unfortunately, it's a long battle, and she needs our help!

After speaking at length with Angee, she feels her greatest need for help right now will be with dinners for herself and her family.  Having friends and loved ones being able to take away the burden of having to worry about making meals, will be a big relief to her and her family (as her daughters are active in school and sports and loving their mom).  I will be posting Angee and the girls' likes and dislikes for meals in an upcoming post (I believe Angee is quite the picky eater).  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or post your questions here (as I should be checking this regularly).

As a side note to those of you who are reading this and wondering who I am, my name is Carley, and Angee is my daughter's gymnastics coach.  I have a background in cancer treatment (as I work in radiation oncology as a therapist), and reached out to Angee when this all began to help her navigate through the twists and turns of our healthcare system, and more specifically, her upcoming cancer fight.

I will tell all of you what I told Angee today....She is a fighter and she will get through this.  She just needs a little help from all of us along the way.