Ang Currier

First post: Nov 26, 2021 Latest post: Nov 26, 2021
We are devastated to share that Ang Currier, beloved mother, sister, wife, friend and US veteran, passed away suddenly on November 23rd, 2021, leaving behind husband, Eric, and three children, Audrey, Erica, and Hunter. Eric, also a US Veteran, is self employed.Ang was a deeply devoted parent and advocate for her three children, working to provide them with every opportunity she did not have growing up. Ang even received a reward from the state of New Hampshire honoring her advocacy for children with disabilities. Prior to being a warrior for her own children, Ang was a warrior for her country. Ang served proudly through the US National Guard from 2001-2005. She spent two years in active duty in Afghanistan, advocating for local women’s/girl’s education in war torn communities.. Ang did the work of five women. Audrey, the Currier’s older daughter, has severe autism and a seizure disorder which require very specialized care which Ang ensured she received. Ang homeschooled Erica and Hunter in order to ensure their schooling and time together was a top priority. Hunter also has autism and very severe food allergies. Ang coordinated care and education for all of her children while always being available to help others. She selflessly volunteered her time for events or families in need while making sure her children had every opportunity available. Ang even took on a job cleaning office buildings in the evenings after full days of educating and caring for the children. Please also consider donating your time to the Currier family as they grieve and work toward the impossible task of navigating life without Ang. Ang was devoted to helping others’ families; it is time to devote ourselves to helping Ang’s family.