Scott Flowers A New Kidney for Scott

First post: Apr 18, 2018
When Scott was 25 he was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), a progressive hereditary disease causing kidney failure.  This is a disease he shares with his older brother and father.  Unfortunately, his father passed due to complications from the disease when Scott was 8 years old.  At 37, Scott is now in End Stage Renal Failure.  The cysts have caused his kidney's to grow to the size of footballs (a healthy kidney is the size of a computer mouse).  In the very near future he is facing a double nephrectomy (removal of his kidneys), dialysis, and a kidney transplant.  Scott is currently inactive on the transplant list while awaiting his nephrectomies.  

Scott has this disease, but this is not WHO he is.  Scott is a navy veteran, a husband, a father of a three year old boy (and a daughter on the way), as well as a skilled and hardworking physician assistant.  He is an athlete and enjoys being outdoors and woodworking.  

First and foremost, we are asking for prayers that Scott is matched with a donor and that he is successfully transplanted soon. In addition, we are praying for financial security through the multiple surgeries that Scott will undergo to prepare for, and hopefully get, a new kidney. These surgeries will require extensive time off for both Scott and myself.   Finally, we would like to encourage each and every person reading this to register as an organ donor, as there are so many people waiting on organ transplant lists.  Scott is type O and unfortunately, no known family members share this blood type.   Finally, but most importantly, we are actively seeking a living donor.   If you feel compelled to help beyond prayer and well wishes, we do have a Go Fund Me link on our Ways to Help page.  If you are considering organ donation, please send a personal message for more information. 

We sincerely thank every person who has taken a few minutes to read Scott's Story.