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First post: May 11, 2019
On Valentine's day 2019 our world forever changed.   I  was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia with FLT3 mutation. This rare disease affects 1 in 100,000 individuals per year.  Prior to my diagnosis, I was an active member of our community. I taught our 11 year old son in our homeschool community, while also serving as a coach for his 4H BB and robotics teams.  Because of my diagnosis and subsequent treatment, I have had to step down from these roles and rely on others throughout our community to help with these duties.  As a family, we were unable to afford medical insurance and my husband Jeremy has been unable to work as he is my primary caregiver.  My chemotherapy has caused multiple side effects and has resulted in various  throughout my treatment.  Despite all of the financial challenges, as well as physical, mental and emotional toll, I have remained upbeat and positive.  Our family is facing a long road towards my recovery.   I am currently awaiting a bone marrow transplant.   My sister is a 10 point, 100 % match.   At this time, the Winship Cancer Clinic at Emory Hospital is refusing to perform my transplant due to our lack of medical insurance.  They are requiring $200,000 up front before considering performing my transplant.  At this point we are continuing chemotherapy in the hopes that a transplant will be possible in the near future.  Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and support.