Andrew McCaughey

First post: May 17, 2022 Latest post: Dec 7, 2023
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated about our son Andrew as he goes through his Bone Marrow Transplant Journey.  We appreciate your support, hope and words of encouragement.  Thanks for visiting.  We are truly grateful:)

Andrew and Michael - our special need, chronically ill fraternal twins were born with Diamond Blackfan Anemia.  Diamond Blackfan Anemia is a rare bone marrow failure disease in which the bone marrow does not produce red cells.  Red cells are what carry oxygen through out your body.  Andrew and Michael are the only set of fraternal twins in the world with it.  The twins have been transfusion dependent all their lives.  Transfusions every three weeks down at Nemours.  With DBA comes a higher chance of getting certain cancers like MDS-Mysplastic Syndrome-Leukemia, Brain Tumors, Osteosarcoma, Colorectal Cancer and who knows what else they will discover in the near future.  Unfortunately it is now Andrew's turn to be placed inpatient at Nemours down in Wilmington, DE for Chemotherapy and a Bone Marrow Transplant.  Following in his twins footsteps.  What one twin does the other usually follows.  We are kind of used to it.  Doesn't make it any easier but the good Lord has helped us all by keeping a very close eye on the two of them since they've been born.

If you are interested in reading the twins story check out Michael's Caringbridge site.  I will still be updating Michael's site as he continues through his Bone Marrow Transplant Journey.

On May 19th, 2022, Andrew and I will be placed inpatient early in the morning down at Nemours.  Once his surgery is over for the placement of his central line he will be moved up to the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit to his new room.  Later that afternoon his new chemo regimen will begin.  Due to Andrew's heart issues Doc has switched everything up due to the toxicity of the regimen she used on Michael during his Bone Marrow Transplant.  It would be way too strong for Andrew's heart.  So unfortunately it is like starting all over again from the beginning.  We are so unsure of how this regimen will affect Andrew but we know God has him.  He is in His hands.  The good Lord will once again give us all the courage and the strength to travel through this journey with Andrew this time around.  All we can do is pray.   Andrew is a very spiritual little dude.  He and I have many a conversation during the day about how our good Lord helps us.  Even at days end we realize how many blessings He has placed upon us.  We are truly blessed.🙏

I will continue to update through here and the Go Fund Me Site or you can call to see how Andrew is doing.  I have attached Andrew's Go Fund Me site in the Ways To Help page of this site.  More information there.  Please know that Tribute donations to CaringBridge are meant to support CaringBridge as a non profit organization.  They do not go to Andrew's Go Fund Me site.  Thank goodness for this wonderful site.  Please pray for our Andrew, continued prayers for Michael and God Bless all.  Please stay safe. 😘🙏🧡