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First post: Nov 30, 2019 Latest post: Jan 13, 2020
Back in October 2018, he got diagnosed with aggresive brain cancer. He had surgery to remove the tumor about the size of a plum in October 2018. He went threw radiation and had chemo every month for the last year. The type of cancer he had was estimated to come back within 3 months. By some medical, he made it over a year and in November this year 2019, he began to have seizures and a week before his check-up at MD Anderson he experienced a seizure and and had some right-side weakness along with having trouble speaking he was taken to the hospital where a CT showed his cancer was back. At the beginning of November, he had a second surgery to remove a few small tumors that returned to the same surgical area as the last one. November 12 he returned home for a few days. he then started to become weak due to brain swelling. He was then taken and admitted to MD Anderson on November 14th where he is being monitored and going threw PT and OT.  At some point, he developed a small brain bleed that they monitored. Monday, November 25th they decided to do surgery to remove fluid from the surgical site to aid in reducing pressure on the brain in the hope to help improve strength, decrease pain and possibly regain his ability to speak more. By Tuesday night he had begun to lose feeling and strength in his right side. An MRI and CT scan confirmed on Wednesday morning that he had suffered a major stroke at some pint and is now paralyzed on the right side. He will continue to go there physical therapy in hopes of regaining strength.