Andrew & Alex Transplant Journey Andrew & Alex

First post: Oct 11, 2021 Latest post: Oct 20, 2021
Hi, fam!

This site will be used to update everyone in one place on Andrew Rutten and Alex Schultz's transplant journey. The transplant is scheduled for this Wednesday morning (Oct. 13), and we would love your prayers before, during, and after the procedure. We appreciate your prayers and encouragement!


Andrew had a seizure on November 24, 2020 at home. The doctors found that he suffers from hypertension (high blood pressure) and chronic kidney disease, specially iGA Nephropothy (an autoimmune-based kidney disease). The combination of the kidney disease and elevated blood pressure was scarring his kidneys to the point where he needed a transplant. In God's providence, Andrew's transplant will come from one of his close friends, Alex, who ended up being a perfect match. Praise God!

Due to rising COVID numbers and other health evaluations that needed to take place, the transplant has been cancelled 4 times since July. As you can imagine, this caused immense uncertainty of whether the scheduled surgery on Wednesday would happen. However, as they've met with doctors today, it seems as though Andrew and Alex's surgery date will stick by God's grace and provision.

Please pray for them as they await their surgery this Wednesday. Pray for peace for them and their families. Pray for skilled hands and sharp minds for the doctors. Pray for God's provision in it all. 

Thanks, y’all!! So much love.