Andreas Krassa

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It's an easy and quick procedure, we do them all the time said the ER surgeon at the hospital on Saturday, April 28th. 
It was sometime in the wee hours of the morning, Andreas was taken straight through triage,  given a room and after having a CT scan done the verdict was in. You have an inflamed appendix. It was supposed to be a easy and quick procedure but the laparoscopy was unsuccessful and they had to do an open appendectomy.  So the story begins.

Andreas spent 8 nights and 7 days in the hospital after his open appendectomy, we got home on Sunday, May 6th early in the morning. They left his wound open because they believed there would be a better chance of avoiding infection. He went home with a wound vac.

Three and a half  days later he asked me to call an ambulance to take him to the Emergency Room, he was in extreme pain. Andreas was taken straight to a room and after having a CT scan done they determined that is sutures had ripped open. The same surgeon that did the open appendectomy and was about to go off duty stayed on and joined his partner to  operate on Andreas.

Next time I saw Andreas he had tubes and wires everywhere you can imagine. They found a really big infection that ate away a chunk of his abdomen on the left side including the binding tissue called, Fascia. This tissue layer sits deep within the abdomen right over the intestinal tract. The infection was what caused the sutures to rip open.