Andrea Gross

First post: Oct 12, 2018 Latest post: Apr 3, 2019
On September 28, I went in for routine mammogram (which I am not typically good about scheduling or showing up for).  Within ten minutes of arriving home, I received a call asking for further testing.  On Tuesday, October 2, I went in for further mammogram and eventually ultrasound.  The physician came in to explain that she did not like the appearance of one tiny spot, so breast biopsy was set up for the following day.  I had the biopsy performed on Wednesday, October 3, and was told that I would probably not hear results until Friday or the following Monday.  Thursday afternoon I received a phone call from my physician stating that one of the seven samples was positive for invasive ductal cell carcinoma.  We eventually found out that the tumor is both estrogen and progesterone receptor positive, which means I will probably require hormone therapy. Adam and I will be seeing Dr. Nicole Sandhu in the Breast Cancer Center at Mayo on Friday,  October 12 to set up surgery and additional treatment (probably radiation).   I am very grateful to the immense support I have received already.  We are setting up this site to keep people informed, as I feel strongly that my experience will somehow help others---so go get your mammograms!!!  We are thrilled that this cancer was caught while still stage 1; the tumor currently is the size of a grain of rice.  We will let you all know more once we meet with the oncologist and surgeon.  Not only do I have medical knowledge and work at one of the best medical centers in the world, but I also have an amazing family and group of friends that will help me through lucky am I!!! Thank you to all!