Andee Bray

First post: Jun 14, 2018 Latest post: Jun 21, 2018
On Monday night, Andee was in a car accident. Her car was hit head on by an oncoming vehicle on Macopin Road. She was stuck in the car and had to be taken from the vehicle and helicoptered to the hospital. Thankfully, tests and scans showed no internal bleeding or broken bones. She has bruising and stitches on her forehead and staples in her knee. She was taken off the breathing tube the next morning since she is able to breath on her own, then later in the day was moved from ICU and into a room where the nurses are still monitoring and taking good care of her. She is still very tired and sleeping a lot, confused when she wakes up but she is improving slowly, off of IV and eating and drinking little by little when she wakes.

Thank you to all of the many kind strangers that have reached out to share their well-wishes and prayers, and those amazing individuals that stopped and stayed with her at the time of the accident. We are so grateful.