Anaya Jordyn Green PRINCESS NYA..."God Can"

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I've created this link to keep friends and family updated on my Ayana. Read my story under the My Story section.  

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Our darling 2 years old Anaya is wise beyond her years she is getting ready to celebrate her third birthday in August 2011.  Anaya is only two and has already been through so much.  November 2007 I was hit head on by a driver that was texting, and was completely unaware that I was pregnant at the time.  I had so many complications during my pregnancy, a couple broken ribs, and was on complete bed rest for the remaining duration of my pregnancy.  My little angel Anaya was born a healthy bundle of joy, or so we thought. She has an infectious personality and is a joy to be around. Anaya sustained a bump on her head while running into a pc desk playing with her cousins and sister (my kids as she affectionately calls them).  Anaya didn’t skip a beat and seemed to recover within minutes and virtually unharmed other than a very little bump on her head. I took Anaya for a routine visit to her pediatrician and didn’t hesitate to mention her accident.  I was assured that this would clear up and was reminded that “all kids fall.” After almost a month I noticed the swelling wasn't going down, and became very concerned with what seemed to be an even larger bump on her head. I decided to go with my gut instinct and take her back for a follow up. The doctor measured the bump and set up an appointment for an x-ray. I thought nothing of it and went about my day.  Two days later I took Anaya back in for the x-rays, I then followed-up for the x-ray results, to my surprise her pediatrician said “I'm so sorry to inform you that Anaya is diagnose with aggressive bone cancer.” I was speechless... Words couldn't adequately describe the feeling I felt.

On Jan 2010 I had surgery to remove a brain tumor on my pituitary gland,  and now only a year later to hear that my precious Anaya has cancer. “This had to be some sick joke.” Two days later after spending all day playing with her older sister little Anaya seemed to have trouble walking and little interest in standing up complaining of leg pain. I knew she didn't sustained an injury so I took her to the ER…after several hours of  X-rays and CT scan they admitted Anaya to Children’s hospital still not really giving a real diagnosis.  How is it possible to say so much to parents and yet say nothing at all (in the same breath)?  After 48hrs of what I thought were the longest hours of my life April 20th 2011 it was determined that she had Neuroblastoma which was aggressive and was causing the leg pain. Neuroblastoma is a cancer that develops from nerve cells and affects children age 5 or younger(650 cases annually in the US) . Anaya’s dad and I were heart broken and immediately got on a ride that we never saw coming. How could she be that ill and it go unnoticed? After a battery of additional tests, scans, and blood work it was apparent that our baby girl had stage 4 Cancer. Looking back now I must say that I feel blessed that I didn’t sit on this and more so that her pediatrician didn’t just dismiss our concern. Even though Anaya running into the computer desk was coincidental it was a blessing in disguise as we may have never known she was so ill. CHOC is great with Anaya and makes sure that her care is a team effort..The team of doctors, nurses and supportive staff has been incredible they ensure the support and care is not just for the child but the entire family unit.  Anaya has a long fight ahead of her and even though this is new to her, we trust in the lord and pray everyday for courage to handle it all. We have faith that God can move mountains. We thank you so much for your support and taking time out to follow Anaya’s story. Please pass this link on and look for more info to come on how you can help and updates on our little princess.