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First post: May 5, 2019 Latest post: Nov 25, 2020
Hello family and friends, 

I have been in and out of the hospital over the last 4 months with severe pain.  On March 29, the doctors found my breast cancer had metastasized to my bones.  This means that I am now stage 4. This means that I am terminal.  This means that I still have life to live and experiences ahead of me.

I feel blessed that I have a couple of years left.  The Hospital Chaplain sat with me after hearing the news while I waited for my parents to come up to the hospital.  He looked at me and said, "Amy, I do not want to diminish what you are going through, but I am as terminal as you are.  You have been given a gift, time to experience life, time to tell people you love them, tell people why they are important to you.  I could walk out that door and have a heart attach, get hit by a car, etc."

It is scary, I see the fear and sadness in my parents eyes, my brothers eyes, my friends eyes.  

On 4/5, a titanium rod was surgically added to my left femur.  The cancer lesion was so large on the top of the femur, the rod had to be added to strengthen the bone for radiation.  There are lesions on my spine, upper right arm, left rib cage, pelvis, both hips and both femurs.   

Started chemo on 4/19; one session a week for 3 weeks and then one week off.  This is the schedule for the rest of my life.  Radiation starts tomorrow (4/24), 10 sessions (2 weeks).  
Treatments will change in the future depending on how my body is reacting and if the tumors are getting bigger or smaller.  At this point, treatments are to lesson the pain and to extend my time on earth.

I plan on sending out journal entries to keep everyone up to date.  

I love each and everyone of you.