Amy Daniels Amy Daniels' Warrior Wall

First post: May 13, 2020 Latest post: Feb 1, 2021
Welcome to Amy's Warrior Wall for well wishes, where family and friends can all come together in one place to support and empower Amy and her family, as well as find peace in answers and updates about her well being throughout her journey with her new diagnosis. We're excited to share the page with her once we get it up and running and know she will love and appreciate all of the love and prayers sent her way, as do we very much.

Her most recent hospital stay began on Wednesday, March 22, 2020 when doctors wanted to safely monitor her after her in-home IVIG treatment caused her blood pressure to drop.  Unfortunately, due to COVID19, we were not able to be with Amy, adding stress to an already frustrating time, searching for answers as her rare Progressive MS condition was declining.

After new symptoms arose and she underwent many tests to search for definitive results, our new battle to fight CNS Lymphoma together began on May 7th. While all of us, including Amy, can find a somber comfort in having answers (although it will be time until we find out if the MS is still there), Amy's journey and our family's is a long road ahead with many unknowns and variables.

Positivity, prayers, hope, and awareness are what will keep us all strong, as well as showing Amy she is not alone at this very lonely time in the hospital. We facetime with her daily as well as deliver care packages several times a week to lift her spirits. We are also working on devices to help her ability to communicate, as her speech has been affected by the disease(s), so that she can regain control in her life 1 step at a time.

We don't have many answers and nothing is definite as Amy's chemo journey can have several different outcomes and we must all pray for the best. We also won't know when we will have updates and we will do our best to post everything here from the family vs. Facebook and messages.

Please also know that while you may not hear back from each message you leave, they will all be read and shared with Amy and we so appreciate your support.

We understand this time has been difficult for many friends to see Amy in this state and to accept her new normal. From training for her first Marathon to not being able to walk, we are all faced with changes in her abilities, including herself which is very hard for anyone to do. Many of you expressed not knowing what you say or do, and some just couldn't find the words, and that's ok. We know everyone deals with health changes and grief in many different ways. I've asked in the past to send texts saying hello and photos of dogs, which Amy really enjoyed. At this time, she can't use her phone or facebook, so we hope this page will be a great venue for those messages of love that we can share with her on a regular basis, all in 1 place. 

We encourage and ask you to leave positive messages, letters, photos, to Amy that we will share, as well as the great memories that you shared with her for all to see into her life and friendships!

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, as we take so much joy in knowing that Amy is loved very much by you all!

With Love, Laura, Bob, Melissa, Billy and Bagel (woof woof!)