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Hi all, this is Judy, one of Amy's sisters.  Just wanted to give everyone a primer on how to use this site to get the best experience.  

First off THANK YOU from Amy and all of us for visiting!  Giving emotional support is the BEST way to help, and knowing people care is really the most important thing this site can bring to all of us.  

"How do I help?"  "What do I say" - we are all often so afraid of saying the wrong thing, that we say nothing, but that doesn't help any of us.  Amy, and Jerry, and their daughters, need all of us.  Mostly to listen on the days that suck, and there will be those days, and then bring some laughs, support and comfort on the days that don't.  And there will be those days too!

So - for updates on how Amy is doing, you can visit "Journal".  "Gallery" is also fun!  To give Amy support - please leave any fun and/or inspiring comments in "Well Wishes" and/or comments in "Journal".  

"Ways to help" has a calendar to sign up for tasks - honestly, we are not sure how much that will come into play, but stay tuned.  

That's it for now  and again, thank you.