Amy Bergmann

First post: Jun 6, 2022 Latest post: Dec 1, 2023
The dreaded “C” I am, 42 years old and recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Late in April of 2022:
~ I woke up with a lot of pain in a small area of my right breast and in my right armpit; so much so that it hurt to lift my right arm over my head.
~ I also felt a little bit of a lump in both areas where the pain was coming from.
~  After a trip to the doc, they quickly scheduled a detailed mammogram + ultrasound and an immediate biopsy of the areas of concern.

May 20th, 2022:
~  I was officially diagnosed with Breast Cancer - Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.
~  They found cancer in the biopsy of the lump from the breast and also from a nearby lymph node.
~  Stage 2 Breast Cancer. 

My Breast Cancer Specifics:
~  I tested negative for estrogen and progesterone but I tested positive for HER2.
~  This means that the breast cancer cells produce excessive amounts of the HER2 protein, leading to fast growing tumors.
~  Around 15-20% of all breast cancer cases are HER2 positive. 
~  HER2-positive is typically more aggressive form of cancer and can spread quickly but can respond well to targeted treatments that are designed to work against HER2 positive cells.
~  No one on either side of my family has had breast cancer and nothing was found in the genetic testing that was done right after I was diagnosed.

My treatment:
1.  Chemo [to shrink and kill the existing cancer cells]
2.  Targeted therapy / Monoclonal antibodies [to attack the HER2-positive cells]
3.  Surgery [mastectomy]
4.  Radiation [to further reduce the risk of the cancer returning]

I created this blog to keep all my people updated on the breast cancer chaos. [But keeping it off social media for now]  It's going to be a challenging summer +  I have a super tough year ahead of me; while I have some very sad days, I'm trying to stay as optimistic as possible for Avery and Harper. Thank you for all the sweet and supportive messages and well wishes; I feel very loved. I appreciate you coming along for the ride and for the support along the way.

*disclaimer……I often use cursey words when I write and speak so you may not want to follow my journey on this blog if that might offend you. :-)