Amber Scott

First post: Oct 27, 2019 Latest post: Mar 20, 2023

Hello All!  Amy found this great site for stories like mine and my hope is that I can keep everyone in my circle updated with the latest in what's  going on.  Let me start with how this whole thing began:

During the month of September in 2019 my back began giving me trouble.  I had a tight spot under my right scapula and it seemed that after some rest and stretching it would go away.  I spent about a week and a half trying to take care of it but with my daily chores I felt like I kept re-tweaking it.  I went to have a wonderful massage on Friday the 27th and it seemed to be better as I was taking it pretty easy the rest of that night.  Jon and I watched a movie and I fell asleep like normal still babying that side a bit.  On Saturday morning,9/28 I woke up to pretty intense pain on my right side under my scapula and across my rib cage.  I couldn't raise the coffee pot to pour coffee!  Jon mentioned maybe I had broken ribs but I knew I hadn't done anything traumatic enough to break them.  After looking up the symptoms of broken ribs I started to think maybe that was it.  The pain was enough that I couldn't ignore it or go on with my daily life so I decided to go to the Legacy ER/Urgent Care at El Dorado and Custer as they are covered by our insurance.  When I checked in at 9:00 they took me back and asked if I had chest pain to which I said yes.  Of course, they hooked me up to the EKG and performed the protocol for heart issues and after all that was over, the  doctor (who was EXCELLENT by the way) started to focus on my pain and where it was.  She was concerned that I was having the kind of pain I was having with out trauma of any sort.  She ordered an X-ray and when that came back she came in to discuss the findings of a confirmed broken rib #7 in my back.  She also found a hazy area in the upper right lobe of my lungs she said she was concerned about.  She wanted to do a CT scan with contrast to see the area more clearly and damned if they didn't have a CT machine on site!!  So after having that done I sat for quite a while waiting for the results.  At that point I was in a private room with out distraction so I tried very hard not to jump ahead and get lost in the future.  I used Facebook to kill time as hours went by.  The CT scan had to be sent off site for another Dr. to interpret and write a report.  And then around noon the report came back and my life changed in an instant.  
            She told of 5 significant findings.  First, there were 2 broken ribs, #6 & #7 on my back right side.  Second, there were lesions on the broken ribs indicating pathological fractures,  Third, I had enlarged lymph nodes under my clavicle bone on my right side.  Fourth, there was a possible blood clot in my right lung.  And Fifth, I had a large mass in my right upper lung lobe.  I can't tell you how caring and empathetic the doctor was in such a shocking situation.  She indicated that I would need to be transferred to a hospital directly to do further testing.  The doctor gave me time to my self to absorb the information and make some calls.  Jon had taken Channing to her cheer game and I didn't want to cause a panic with the kids so I called my close friend Jennie who came at once to sit with me while we waited for the transfer.  I also called mom in Lubbock and she got on the road right away.   I was still at the ER when Jon got home with Channing so I asked him to come up alone so I could tell him the news.  I was then transferred to Baylor Scott and White in McKinney on 380 followed by Jennie and Jon (mom met us soon after I checked in) and was tested first for the blood clot and a CT scan of my head as I had a constant headache during the summer for about 2 months.  That came back clear thank goodness as well as the sonogram of my legs.  The next day was 9/27 Sunday and they were able to do their own CT scan with contrast on my lungs, specifically to rule out the blood clot as that was the most pressing issue.  It came back clear, yay!  Small victories:).  After that I had to wait until Monday to do a biopsy on the mass in my lung; the CT with contrast can only be performed on an individual once per day.  So Monday I had the biopsy with CT contrast (to see where the needle should go), easy peasy and they finally released me from the hospital that evening.   It was a long and life changing 3 days and I'm probably still in shock of it all.  I'll list a timeline of events to catch up to now and start updating through the journal entries.  Thanks for visiting and especially for  everybody's help in taking care of us this month  of October especially;  it's been such a crazy, tumultuous time for all of us.  We've gone in and out of shock and denial trying to hang onto little scraps of normalcy where we can find it.  Thank you all for the meals, the prayers and food vibes and the love you send our way.