Amber Collins

First post: Feb 12, 2022 Latest post: 11 hours ago
It all started the beginning of Jan 2022….I noticed a dimple/indentation on my right breast and thought that was very odd, but I never felt any masses of any sort. I immediately called my doctor because this was not normal. After following up with my PCP she sent me for a mammogram on 1/26/22 and that day was a very stressful day for me. I went to a appt that was only suppose to be 30 mins, but ended up being over 6 hours. I had 3 mammograms, a ultrasound and a biopsy where 2 masses were found with some speckling in my images. After waiting (which seemed like forever) it was confirmed on 1/31/2022 that I had invasive ductal carcinoma, grade 3. I followed up with my breast surgeon oncologist who sent me for a MRI on 2/8/2022 to get a better look at my breast. The next day I found out they found 2 more masses and a enlarged lymph node. While still processing all this information….my testing to see what kind of breast cancer I have came back and turned out I was triple positive for ER/PR and Her2: Meaning they all are feeding off my hormones and HER2 to continue to grow. This ultimately turned out to be a more aggressive breast cancer then they thought. This would now require a double mastectomy with node removal, chemo, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, plus surgery and more.  After the final pathology reports, I am diagnosed as Triple Positive Breast Cancer with Lymph Node Involvement, which requires multiple surgeries, 16 weeks of Chemotherapy,  Immunotherapy (targeted therapy for 2 year), Radiation, 5 Reconstruction Surgeries, hysterectomy with bilateral oorphectomy and 10 years of Hormone Therapy. I eventually received more bad news that I have the Palb2 mutation which is a partner and localizer of BRAC2. This resulting in me having to follow up with my OBGYN for a hysterectomy with ovary removal due to a higher risk of ovarian cancer after I am completely done with chemo treatment. It also breaks my heart because the Palb2 gene is a 50/50 chance that my daughter and boys are carrying the same mutation as myself. This has been a complete shock to myself and my family as we have already been through cancer once with my own child who was diagnosed at 21 months with Leukemia. I am very grateful that this was found, but also very shattered as I did not expect to go through this again in my home. I am a high school teacher, a mom of 3, married to the most wonderful man I know and just couldn’t imagine life without them. Please pray for me as I go through this journey.