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Amber Bain

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Welcome to my CaringBridge site! Thank you SO much for your thoughts and prayers and keep them coming!

Amber, Michael, and Avigail

I was diagnosed with cancer on July 31, 2009.

Here is my story:

I had an emergency appendectomy on July 24th and everything went really good. I didn’t even go in for pain on my right side. I went for pain on my left side w/ Kidney Stone/Ovarian Cysts problems. Truth is, I’ve been battling pain, non-stop, for the last year or so and it’s always associated to my Ovary problems… Well, I got my pathology results from surgery on July 31st…and it wasn’t good. My “appendicitis” wasn’t really appendicitis. I had a tumor growing on my appendix…that tumor grew and grew and ruptured “mucin” into my peritoneal cavity (abdominal cavity) and now that mucus is floating around in my abdominal wall, slowly attaching itself to my organs and the possibility of producing other tumors.

I found out during an exploratory surgery on September 23rd that the mucin had spread all over my abdominal cavaty and was creating small, dime size, tumors all over. Mostly dominant in my right quadrant.

I underwent my first "debulking" surgery and chemotherapy on November 9th. It was a 3 week stay in the hospital and and 2 more weeks in nurses care at a condo in Houston.

Update November 2018:
We currently live in Minneapolis, MN - where we homeschool our 10 1/2 year old daughter, Avigail... Mike and I are in full-time ministry ( and we are going hard after health and fitness! I have had a hard 9 years since cancer, with several complications and bowel obstructions from the 11 partial/full organ removal. For more up to date adventures on us, check me out on Facebook or at

Love you all,

For more information on my type of cancer; you may visit this link: I have the "Mucinous Adenocarcinoma"