Amanda Barnett

First post: Nov 11, 2018 Latest post: Nov 19, 2018
Hey guys, Kristy and I wanted to setup a place where Amanda could keep everyone updated on her journey as well as ways we could all help her through this! For those that don’t know what’s going on here is a little back story! So Amanda had a biopsy on her tongue on Monday October 29, 2018. The preliminary results from the biopsy came back showing squamous cell carcinoma which is oral cancer. She was then referred to one of the top oral surgeons in the nation, Dr. Carlson at UT in Knoxville. She saw Dr. Carlson on Friday, November 9, 2018. 

The appointment with Dr.Carlson was wonderful! He is such a nice man! By examining her and looking at what we already know he truly believes the cancer is in stage 1.....Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On November 21.... She will have a PET Scan, evaluation with Dr Carlson, and pre op blood work. On November 28 she will have tongue surgery to remove the area on her tongue and neck dissection to remove lymph nodes on right side..... then if radiation is needed, which he said we will know that after surgery, we will start at the beginning of January!  He has close contacts in Bristol  so if radiation is needed Amanda will be able to stay close to home! She will be out of work for an extensive amount of time and we all know  that breaks her heart....but....this is not a mistake and We will all glorify him 100% through this! It will not be easy road for Amanda! It will be a long and painful process but She has an amazing support system to help her fight this!!! Dr. Carlson’s main goal is to stay one step ahead of the cancer which we are thankful for that! First and foremost Amanda needs all the prayers and love she can get, but also with her being out of work for an extended time there will also be a financial impact to her family! We have setup a caring bridge page which I will post the link to and also a PayPal account for anyone that wishes to donate to help can do so! We chose this route as opposed to go fund me so that Amanda will receive 100% of everything donated!!!  If you would rather not use PayPal, please contact myself or Kristy and we can give you other options!

And as Amanda had said over and over 

“God is good all the time!!!!❤️ I love you all and don’t forget #godsgotthis” 

Beth Cannon and Kristy Vest