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First post: May 24, 2017 Latest post: Dec 7, 2018
Allyson was born May 19 2017. It was soon apparent that not all was well. Parents had noticed a bit of blue tinge in her skin coloring. Dr.s found her blood oxygen level dropping. And with testing’s they found her heart malfunctioning -


[05-21, 12:13 PM] Myanmar: Allyson and myself(Rodger)  were transported to the Government Hospital by ambulance. Much to the boys delight when they heard of it. Then they whisked the baby away from us with the news that we will hear news the soonest at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. So I decided to go back to the other hospital for the pickup to sleep in while I waited for the news. On the way to get the pickup I was called back to the Government hospital to deliver a very special sample of blood to a different hospital.

[05-21, 2:00 PM] Myanmar: I(Rodger) have received a recommendation from the top Dr. in Yangon concerning infants. If you google -Transposition of the great arteries, Atrial Septical Defect, Ventricular Septal defect and Patent Ductus Arteriosus you will know about little Allyson’s condition many conditions.

[05-21, 2:06 PM] Myanmar: Allyson has all 4 defects. This may sound alarming but is all treatable. Transposition of the great arteries is the most unusual one. If she had had only this problem she would not be with us today because there could not be enough oxygen for her to survive. However, since she was destined to bear this defect, we are blessed that she was gifted with the other three defects as well. Because of the other defects her oxygen rich blood is mixed with the other blood and she is able to LIVE.

[05-21, 2:12 PM] Myanmar: With these defects it is highly advised to do the surgery within 1 or 2 weeks of birth. Myanmar however does not do such procedures and we have been referred to an agent that will connect us with a Hospital outside of Myanmar. India, Bangkok, Singapore, etc. are experts with this operation.

[05-21, 9:58 PM] Myanmar: I(Rodger) just got the Thai Dr. to correspond with the Yangon hospital. They will meet at 10:00 and transfer all of Allyson's information into the Thai Dr.'s hand and then the Thai Dr. will send this information to the Hospital in Thailand so they can give us a recommendation as to what to do. This recommendation should arrive within 12 hours of now. So we will wait for this to all happen. Luetta is lonesome for her little girl but is happy and speedily getting better. We have been amazed at how painless her recovery has been. Now we know the reason.

[05-22, 4:48 AM] Myanmar: Luetta was discharged this afternoon. Then I(Rodger) took her to Allyson. She is holding her now so she can feed her. We do not know anything yet concerning going to Bangkok. I am now trying to secure a private room for her.

[05-22, 11:43 AM] : Hi everyone, Luetta here. There's so much to say, but I hope you understand if all I say right now is that I/we feel your prayers upholding us in this uncertain time. Allyson has many pokes but she seems content. It must be very hot where she stays cuz she always comes to me sweated wet. This hospital is quite primitive. Kelly is with me for night. Pray for Rodger too...he's got quite a load on his mind n many errands to run n very little time to eat or sleep. He is exhausted. But like I said, your prayers make all the difference. We feel your love...thanks for all the special songs n messages...

[05-22, 12:01 PM] Myanmar: I(Rodger) will overlap a little of what Luetta just told you. I found a private room and now Luetta has Kelly Unruh with her for the night. They go every three hours to the baby ward to feed Allyson. Allyson seemed to be very hot and sluggish when she was given to Luetta and did not want to feed very good. But Luetta said after the third time there was a marked improvement in little Allyson's behavior. I and the boys are at home for night now. Ko Bens and Ko Sue's are sticking very close to us. We are very thankful for God's goodness. Luetta is coping marvelously well and is often crying with joy at the inspiration she receives from all the support she feels. She is happy and well. Baby is stable. Tomorrow I will go to embassy to check the possibility of acquiring a travel document for little Allyson.

[05-22, 11:09 PM] Myanmar: Allyson is fine, feeding well, Luetta is well getting a little tired by the schedule they have but is still courageous. Kelly stayed in the room several times and Luetta goes to the nursing room by herself and is making friends. The other mothers were all very curious when Luetta gave Allyson a sponge bath. They all know Allyson's story already. I am going to the embassy now to see what kind of travel document we can get for Allyson. Then I have appointment with the Transfer Agency and hope to have more details concerning traveling to Bangkok. Vince Ecks are on the way from Cambodia and will arrive in Yangon at 8:30. They will assist us as we travel to Bangkok in what ever mode is chosen. Last night we hear the song of How Great Thou Art coming over the speakers in Myanmar Plaza (the big shopping mall in Yangon). Very very amazing to hear that song in Myanmar. Luetta just called and said they were giving her and Allyson the room where the Dr.'s stay. Then they will let them stay together.

[05-23, 7:52 AM] Myanmar: I(Rodger) just talked with the Dr. in charge of transferring Allyson. Putting it in my own words ... They are waiting now for us to put down a deposit. That deposit puts the whole responsibility on them and they can use their authority to pressure the slow points. Without this deposit they can do very little. This I regret because I was right in front of the bank, but decided against picking up the money today because I was coming back tomorrow and was really in a hurry. But will try to do it early in the morning. It will not be possible to carry Allyson in a normal plane. The needed deposit frees the Air Ambulance for our purpose. There will be two people allowed in the Ambulance besides Allyson. I suspect Kelly will go along with Luetta and Allyson, and I may stay back with my boys so we can follow later. However the timing is still uncertain. I need to pay the deposit and we need to see how they can pressure immigration of Thailand. I am trying my hardest to do the paper work for Allyson's passport, temporary passport and emergency travel document. This does not seem possible to finish in the needed time. But I am doing it anyways. I will pick up Vince’s in about an hour, then things will start to ease up.


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