Allen Finney

First post: May 9, 2018 Latest post: Jul 27, 2018
Dad went into hospital on April 2 with influenza B and Pneunomia. He was taken immediately to Fargo and placed in ICU. Long story short, he ended up with a trach, is on kidney dialysis, and is currently at Vibra on the seventh floor of the new Sanford Hospital. Vibra will work with Dad on therapy and vent weaning. He's had a tougher transition to the new setting than we had hoped. He has struggled with oxygen levels and low/high blood pressure. Despite all of this, he is making some headway. We have no idea of timelines but past experiences with Mom makes us think that he will be here several weeks then on to regular therapy. We appreciate all thoughts and concerns and of course prayers you all have sent our way!!! Mom is staying with my family here in Fargo so that makes things easy for all of us.