Al Conetto Al is on his way!

First post: May 25, 2020 Latest post: Jun 7, 2020
After 7 months, we finally have a diagnosis for the dementia/epilepsy issues  Al has been experiencing.  We were fortunate  to connect with a brilliant  group of neurologists in Portland who work with guidance from The Mayo Clinic. The diagnosis:   LGI1 encephalitis autoimmune disease.  Antibody’s are attacking his brain!  

It is very rare but thankfully they discovered it.  After much testing, we have a start date for treatment.  Al is headed to St. Mary’s first thing Friday, May 22 for a heavy infusion of steroids designed to combat these little  buggers.  It is an intense 5 day dosage and will then move to a maintenance dosage  for 12 weeks.  We are thankful for your love, support and inquiries.  Hoping by posting here as new information arises, you will be kept updated if needed.