Alisa Lisenko

First post: Feb 26, 2019 Latest post: Mar 3, 2019
Hello everybody. Sorry for my english. My name is Alisa. I am 36 year old. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters. Zlata and Milana. Zlata is 5 years old, Milana is 2 years old. I live in Ukraine. My husband died from cancer 6 month ago. Now, we (Me and my children) have a big problems. Maybe, you know whats happen in my country, Ukraine. Many people has no jobs, money, housing, medical support, etc. My little family is also in a difficult position. My husband was working as can, but now he died. I was seating at home with children, and has no job. Now, my family have no money.  I am selling my belongings. Children needs clothes and food. I dont know what to do. I have no relatives who can help, other people around me are poor and also can't help us. I dont know what to do. If you wanna help somebody, please help us, because we need it very mutch. You can send money on my Paypall accaunt. Its my mail for it: I never use paypall, and maybe you need something else to send money. Please connect to me to mail:  If everyone is to share something minor for him, we wil be able to survive. Please, ask questions to mail: