Alicia Fealey

First post: Dec 16, 2019 Latest post: Jan 19, 2020
On December 6th Alicia underwent outpatient surgery at Island Hospital  in Anacortes.  It appeared that everything had gone well and she was discharged to her parents’ home.  Overnight she was in extreme pain and her mother took her back to the hospital on Saturday morning the 7th. She was severely ill and underwent a 3 hour surgery where it was discovered that during the initial surgery her intestines had been nicked.  She was in critical condition in the ICU, intubated, sedated, and had another surgery on the 9th.  As she was not improving she was transferred to Swedish First Hill in Seattle on Thursday the 12th.  She required the specialists and level of care they provide. 

The doctors at Swedish quickly re-assessed her condition and changed many aspects of her

treatment.  After a couple of days she became more alert.  By Sunday the 15th she was awake, asking questions with gestures and mouthing words, and breathing some on her own.  The plan for the day includes having her sit in a chair and trying to remove the respirator, even though she still has what seems like dozens of lines going in and out of her.  She has been 

watching the Seahawks game - hope they win for the sake of her blood pressure!

Alicia still has a long way to go including breathing on her own, maintaining stable vital signs, her wound healing, sitting, walking, eating, dressing.  But we are very encouraged by her progress today. 

The family is grateful for all your love, prayers, and support during this very stressful time.

We will update daily.