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WOW! Here we are, Alex and I have now joined a new circle, it's called Signet Ring Cell stomach cancer!! He was diagnosed on April 16, 2019. That was a very shocking and life changing day. Never in a million years did we think this would happen to us. We cried together and then we told our 3 sons, that was difficult, but we knew that we would fight as a family to win this battle. Stomach cancer can be a quick growing tumor with a low survival rate if not caught early. Alex has T2/N1, meaning it's stage 2 and spread to one lymph node.

He has started chemo on 5/7/19 and that kicked off round 1 of 3 rounds of chemo before they will look at doing surgery to remove the tumor but only  if the cancer in the nodes has been shrunk/killed. His first treatment went pretty good, it was days afterward that he became sick, started having more pain and was admitted into the hospital over that weekend. He has a hard time eating due to the tumor, it is pretty much blocking his entire stomach to the bottom intestine so food is not able to pass. He is drinking liquids and eating puree foods at this time. Round two of chemo is on 5/21/19. He is a very strong and brave man, I know he can do this!! Since his diagnoses he has lost over 30lbs, is fatigued from the cancer and in a lot of pain, but he is so ready for round two, I am so proud of him and his determination.

We have tons of support and prayers coming in and I cannot express enough how much that means to us, to me! Our boys, Andre, Alex and Anthony, along with their wonder wife's, Jennifer, Lydia and Kinley have been wonderful. The boys travel back to Kansas to help with appointments, dishes, chores outside and just to hang with dad. It's been great. Co-workers have also been awesome, they have helped with cutting our grass in between the boys visits and his employer has been very understanding and supportive. He has an extreme caring, supportive and loving circle of friends and family, Thank you all!!