Alex Pierre

First post: Jul 12, 2022 Latest post: Jul 12, 2022
In honor of Sergeant Alex Pierre, on behalf of his wife Shannon, and their two boys, Kyleo age 11, and DaReese age 5.  

Alex’s Story:

On June 15th, Alex became unwell after finishing PT.  At 25 years old, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 congestive heart failure.  He was later transferred to Inova Fairfax Cardiac and Vascular ICU, and on Wednesday, July 6th, Alex received a surgically implanted Left Ventricular Assisted Device (LVAD).  Initial evaluation ruled the surgery successful, however, Alex later suffered a massive stroke. Sergeant Pierre passed away on July 8th at 6:30pm.
Alex lived an incredible life, full of positivity, cheerfulness, and a willingness to help anyone in need.  His bright smile was a gift to anyone he came in contact with.  While this outcome has been a shock to Shannon and her boys, they have been comforted by stories and well wishes from family, friends, and those who served with Alex.

As is the case with a sudden loss, Shannon is being flooded with phone calls. In an effort to keep the phone line clear for arrangements and military communication, Shannon is using this site to send updates. While she may not get to each and every phone call or message, your stories, pictures, and expressions of sympathy will provide Shannon the support she and her boys need during this difficult time.  

Tap the “Journal” icon above to view 7-12-22 journal updates:  
Plans for Alex Pierre’s Homegoing Service 
What Can You Do To Help

About CaringBridge:

CaringBridge is a tool used to communicate to lots of people at one time. Both Alex and Shannon have large families.  Alex has over 1800 Facebook friends.  Shannon has over 3000 Facebook friends. This tool allows Shannon to post one update for all to see.  Revisit this link to read see updates, and feel free to post your stories, memories, pics, and well wishes.  If you’ve never used CaringBridge, Shannon wants everyone to know this: her desire is to share information easily and quickly, to be sure her phone line is clear to handle arrangements.  There is nothing required to review or post a message or picture on CaringBridge. 

Shannon’s mother is with her, and there are two neighbors helping Shannon, Tonya Dorsey and Annette Scott.  Tonya and Annette are the designated points of contact.  If you have any questions, please email Tonya at or Annette at   You can also text 443-864-2210 (tel:443-864-2210).