Alex Lynch

First post: Aug 15, 2018 Latest post: Mar 17, 2022
8/8/21 - We wanted to provide an update on Alex with everyone.  On Tuesday, August 3rd we learned that the Ewings Sarcoma cancer has returned and formed a tumor in his pancreas.  This all came on so quickly.  A quick recap, during the middle of the night on July 22nd Alex woke up with major pain in his left side and we ended up taking him into hospital.  They ran a CT and MRI to find a mass and kept him overnight to perform a biopsy on July 23rd.  The day of the biopsy, they were not successful as what they saw was not lining up with the MRI so they had to stop.  They  sent us to have a CT guided biopsy on Aug 2nd at Methodist and we received the results late afternoon on Aug 3rd and Alex had a PET scan on Aug 6th that showed no spread of the cancer elsewhere. 

August 6th we also met with our doctor on the treatment plan and Alex will have surgery this week to install his port, bone marrow testing (just to confirm no spread) and will have a recheck MRI for left leg where the Ewings originated.  Chemo will start the week of August 16th. 

  Alex will receive chemo “outpatient” M-F and the following Monday (6 days) at Methodist Hospital, then off for the rest of the week and off the following week; then repeat the cycle.  He will be taking 3 chemos and only one of the three is the same as before.  He will go up to the hospital each day to receive his treatment and will be able to come home.  We will have 2 cycles of treatment, scans, 2-3 more cycles of treatment, surgery to remove the shrunken tumor from the pancreas and then radiation or more chemo.  In total this will be over 6-9 months.   We appreciate everyone's prayers as we continue our battle.  Thank you.......