Alex Bouder Alex & Kayla Bouder

First post: Aug 6, 2021 Latest post: Aug 12, 2021
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Alex and Kayla have a beautiful love story. They found each other in high school and their love for each other never wavered. So on July 18, 2020 they were married. Life has been crazy and busy building their house and enjoying life together in the first year of marriage. Tuesday, July 27, 2021, started off like any other day. Alex and his business partner, Jake, were working on a front porch 12 feet up rolling trusses. Alex had one foot on a truss and one foot on the beam. He was bent over ready to nail and secure the truss when the truss moved and Alex lost his footing falling 12 feet onto his neck and shoulder. The impact broke his back at T11 and T12. Alex knew right away that he was paralyzed. Jake called 911 and when the ambulance arrived they realized Alex needed to be life flighted if he had any chance to walk again. Alex, (being Alex) insisted he couldn't afford a life flight. After a discussion with the medical workers he realized he needed the flight for his best chance at walking again. He was life flighted to Spokane Sacred Heart and had surgery within a few hours to remove the splintered pieces from his broken spine that were impinging on his nerves and spinal cord causing paralysis. The doctor gave little hope before surgery that he would ever walk again. They put a rod in his back with screws. He has been in ICU since Tuesday and they have lots of work ahead of them. Alex is going to have to be air ambulanced to a rehab facility to one of three locations, Seattle, Chicago or Denver, which will probably last 60 days. The medical bills that will be incurred will be astronomical which will be devastating to a young couple just trying to get on their feet in the first year of marriage. Alex has insurance that was put in place 6 months ago but the deductible is huge with minimal coverage. It won't cover the life flight/air ambulance and coverage of the rehab costs is questionable. They will incur expenses with Kayla traveling on the weekends to see Alex in rehab and then the medical equipment that might be needed with the possibility of coming home in a wheelchair. We are so thankful there is a platform like this to get their story out to all of you who know and care about them. As all of us who are friends and family to Alex and Kayla know, they are both fighters and will work diligently together to beat this devastating tragedy. Alex is already making good progress by being able to move his legs a tiny bit and we know his positive attititude and strength will take him far. And Kayla is proving her true commitment and love to Alex with her constant strength standing by his side and encouraging him every step of the way. We thank everyone in advance that is able and willing to donate. Your kindness and helpful spirit is so appreciated. We are asking not only for help monetarily for them but also prayer. As the one doctor put it, "Alex, you are going to need a lot of God in this process". Alex responded,

"I have people praying all over this nation for me".