Erwin (Alex) Baylot Erwin (Alex) Baylot

First post: Dec 16, 2019 Latest post: Mar 14, 2021

I am Paula Baylot and I will tell you the story of my husband Erwin (Alex) Baylot. 

In October of 2018, Alex went to the Doctor because of ongoing headaches. We thought it wasn't important, until he threw up. He was sent for an MRI, only to discover he had Glioblastoma Brain Cancer. The deadliest form of brain cancer there is. Within 24 hours we were in Houston, TX with amazing medical team. He had a procedure done called a resection, which is an operation to remove part/or parts of the tumor. In Alex's case, 90% of the tumor was removed, however the portion not removed was located in the ganglia portion of his brain which is responsible for all communication.  Two days later, he could no longer talk or use the right side of his body. Alex was given 10-14 months to live and as of tomorrow, 12/16/2019, it will have been 14 months. Alex cannot call for help, nor use a phone, struggles to use a television remote but on a positive he understands what is being said and can follow a television program relatively well. He tires quickly with what others would assume as mundane tasks.

We are now to a point in his disease where he requires around the clock sitters and some equipment not covered by insurance. While we continue to seek treatment in the form of chemotherapy, he will eventually require another resection if strong enough. If not strong enough we will eventually move to hospice care. 

All donations will go to the care and support of Alex. Our family welcomes anything you feel called to give. 

Thank you for the love, prayers and support.

Paula Baylot