Alexandria Townsend

Dearest Friends and Family,

In April 2018, our kind, beautiful friend Alexandria was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer that has spread into her lymphatic system.  Her situation is serious, but of course she is approaching the ordeal with her characteristic mix of courage and good humor.  She has already begun an aggressive course of chemotherapy, and she is a ray of sunshine even in the midst of feeling cruddy.  Alexandria's strength and positive outlook will be her not-so-secret weapons in the coming weeks and months, but she is going to need our help for this fight!  

The purpose of this website is to help coordinate a circle of loving care and support for Alexandria, and for her to provide us with updates as a group in one place.  Here is what we can do to help: 
i) donate money to Alexandria's Cancer Fund at
ii) sign up for meal deliveries, errands, and chores through the care planner here or directly with Alexandria
iii) smother Alexandria with your well wishes and kindness! 

Your love, prayers, and happy thoughts are needed and deeply appreciated. With our help, she's got this!!

With love and gratitude,
Laurie and Colleen