Alethia Nosek

First post: Jul 31, 2021 Latest post: Sep 24, 2021
From Serah, Alethia's sister: In April 2021, Alethia began her hospice journey for a malignant neoplasm of the cerebellum -- which is a lot of fancy words that mean she is dying of cancer in her brainstem. The whole thing sucks, my friends. But life is love and struggle, and we are loving and struggling hard right now.  

This spring, Alethia moved in with me in Florida, where we have a full household with myself, my son Rojo (12), my partner Max, our dog Shay, and Alethia's kids Brandon (13) and Kaylee (10) who visit during their school breaks. My daughter Lois (18) also drops by plenty to help with her aunt and cousins. 

Here's the current situation. Alethia's pain is pretty chronic, and her mobility is limited. She has also been dealing with serious delirium from her pain medications, and we've been working with her medical team to get this regulated. Alethia also struggles with anorexia and bulimia, and this adds some intense complications, both physical and emotional. As the tumor progresses, we anticipate mobility will become more difficult, and eventually, Alethia will lose all function below the neck. This is all very scary, and painful, and requires a lot of work to make sure all her needs are met right now.

But honestly, this space isn't really for Alethia's story. (Hey, you should follow her on TikTok! She does a great job of telling her own story)! It is the story of those of us who are caring for her. I wanted to create a place to keep folks updated on how she's doing and but also how we're doing, and to provide info for how people can help. Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate your love and support during this really difficult time.