Al Budde

First post: Feb 16, 2022 Latest post: Apr 28, 2022
I think the biggest thing I've learned about dying so far is how it's not about dying at all.  All I can think about is you, the people I am leaving behind, and all I want is for you to be happy.  Dying, after all, is the most natural thing in the world.  Even the most inept among up accomplish it at some point in their lives.  And, as I said in my e-mail, my faith informs me that there is great wonder and love awaiting me on the other side.  And maybe even answers to some of Life's more persistent questions (The JFK assasination, the UFO question, Bigfoot...I don't know, insert your questions here).  Of course, the biggest question of all is what happens after we die and there is really only one way to crack that nut, isn't there?  This is where faith comes in.  Faith that everything will be all right.  Do not be afraid.  Do not be sad.  Just have faith and be happy.  And look forward to the next Act.  

So...that's what I think.  How about you?  Please feel free to share your thoughts or happy photos or memories in this space and let's embrace this part of our journey together. 

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