Al Ancho

First post: Jun 7, 2018 Latest post: Jun 25, 2018
My father is a grandpa of 8 he is the best Papa in the world.  He started to get dizzy we don’t know when it started but it’s been going on since beginning of this year and it got so bad I had to leave work because my dad couldn’t get out of bed.  I checked his vitials and took him to the doctors and they said it was nothing.  It kept happening so my mom took him they said it was  vertigo.  After a couple of weeks it got worse so my mom was  persistent Nivant didn’t care they avoided them and brushed it off. My mother went the box of Novant to find that my dad has a tumor on his brain that has caused him to lose hearing in his one ear and some vision lost as well as some memory difficulties.  His only choices are to have suergry that will cause  paralysis and he would have to tape his eyelids shut at night.  The other choice is radiation but the have to put a  Halo on his head which is the drilling on the bone of the head to put four bolts or screws in while they shoot radiation to the tumor.  Please keep him in your prayers. His surgery is June 12.