Bethann Pifer No Matter What I got it!!

First post: Apr 18, 2020 Latest post: Jul 5, 2020
It all started in 2005! Over the years, it’s gotten worse. In 2011 I was told I had PCOS and endometriosis! But this time on Christmas Eve in 2019 it got the worst! Within 5 days, I lost so much blood I almost died and needed a blood transfusion! The hospital referred me to Dr. Croland. After, going back to the hospital within a month, after bleeding again, this time at work! My doctor has listened to me. Dr. Croland asked me, what I wanted after the last time in the ER since it was my body and I told him a D&C. He said, ok, if it’s something (cancer) we’ll have to take it out! I said ok. I got my D&C on March 31st and he pulled tissue samples and according to the paper work it took 1 day to diagnose me. I found out after more testing the day after my birthday, with cervical cancer it says (it’s invasive adenocarcinoma) and uterine cancer. Now comes the road to fight it!! I’ll also find out if I’ll need chemo or radiation! If you recommend anything, I’m all ears! I’m nervous and only thought of this as a last resort. I’ve been through to much in my life already, (for those that know) I’m not going to give up, and please don’t let me! I never told anyone about this and now it’s time I spoke up! So, enjoy my blog!! 🧡💙