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First post: Sep 3, 2020 Latest post: Mar 24, 2021
I went to the Doctor with complaints of exhaustion and restless legs in June of 2020.  It was discovered that I was anemic.  I started taking large doses of iron and refocused on my other health conditions that stemmed from a head on car collision in January of 2019.  I was set up for surgery on my right ankle, once I was cleared by my cardiologist and the rest of my health care team.  My hemoglobin was checked once again and was still very low.  This led to me having  a colonoscopy on August 26th.  During that scope, a tumor was found on the right, ascending colon.  The biopsy came back with the news that it was cancer.  I had the tumor removed on September 4th, 2020.  Cancer was found to be Stage 3 and had moved into my lymph nodes. The next step is chemotherapy.
This is kind of a free form blog about what I'm going through.  I appreciate you reading and commenting.  I feel like I have a pretty good attitude about what is going on, but the love and support from my family and friends goes a long way toward helping that attitude! Please don't forget my daughter, Loghan in your love and good thoughts.  She is taking much on in caring for me at this time.  Luckily we have many people praying and supporting us!