Ahmee Hewitt

First post: Nov 25, 2020 Latest post: Nov 4, 2021
Hello. I hope to use this website to update my friends and family on my health, and to share insights/ resources I gain during this process in hopes they may be useful to others. I have begun treatment for an adenocarcinoma of gastrointestinal origin. I had no symptoms until it spread to my liver. I am thankful my liver sounded the alarm.

For friends who are medical professionals and care to look at test results and other technical info, contact Marilyn Eckerling at mecker01@comcast.net.

If you're looking for a way to reach out and give help, I will likely be in need of transportation to treatment (bi-weekly, while Trace is in Aurora caring for his mother and Emily is back in Alaska). Additionally, I do love to taste the results of my friends' cooking experimentation and would welcome the occasional healthy, protein-rich vegan meal delivery. I don't yet have personalized nutrition advice, but look forward to getting this soon.