Adam Chase Adam's Kidney Transplant

First post: Feb 24, 2021 Latest post: May 30, 2021
Adam is undergoing two major surgeries: a bilateral nephrectomy and a kidney transplant. These necessary and lifesaving procedures are both in response to polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Adam was diagnosed with PKD a long time ago, around the time his father passed from it. PKD is a genetic disease that means you get cysts on your kidneys. Like, a lot of cysts. They eventually, gradually inhibit your kidneys from functioning. At that time, you enter end-stage renal failure, and go on dialysis, and are put on the list for a kidney transplant. Adam reached this point in July of 2020. We are so fortunate that a living organ donor, anonymously, has stepped forward to donate a kidney on Adam's behalf. The actual kidney Adam receives comes from another donor, identified through the paired kidney exchange. In order to be fully eligible, Adam first needs to have the sick kidneys removed -- that's the bilateral nephrectomy. Once he is in stable condition, he will be eligible for the transplant -- but we won't know exactly when until we pass through this first gate. We, Adam and I, (I'm Jennifer, Adam's wife)are excited, and nervous, and tired and filled with ridiculous gratitude for Adam's donor, the health resources we have here in Minnesota and of-course most of all to our community who supports us. Thanks for being here.