Ada Jones

First post: Oct 9, 2018 Latest post: May 24, 2019
Ada Mae decided she wanted to grace us with her presence on October 2nd and 1:40 in the morning. She was about 4 weeks early so we had concerns about her lungs not being as developed as they need to be. We had children's NICU staff in on delivery, which was wonderful. She spent about 8 to 10 hours in freodert nursery until they decided she needed more help with oxygen then they could give. So Tuesday morning we made the transition to the NICU in children's hospital. She seemed to be on the up and up for the first few days but yesterday the doc tried to take her off her oxygen. Her levels dropped drastically so he decided to order an echo of the heart. That showed that her left side of her heart(the side that feeds to body oxygen) wasn't pumping as it should be.  They have decided she would be better suited in the Cardiac intensive Care unit here at children's. They are currently running a whole battery of tests and we currently have no answers as to what the cause is. Please keep our precious baby in your thoughts and prayers.