Emily Miller A 💩 Crappy 💩 Situation

First post: Jul 17, 2019 Latest post: Jul 31, 2019
Unforseen and unknown complications (beginning in May) came to ahead and were discovered as due to paralysis of the intestines. This began with multiple ER visits, followed by a hospitalization of 12 days between 2 hospitals. No 'Why's' have been discovered as of yet, we are pursuing that now on an outpatient basis through MN GI. The next three months will be the most telling of what it is we are dealing with and how we will move forward. Not enough thanks and gratitude can be poured out to all who have called, written, texted, donated, cooked, and loved on my family and me! I am slowly improving and hope to be working full time by September. Feel free to follow our family's Caring Bridge to stay updated on the health process and our family working together as we move forward with this!