Abe Giesbrecht

First post: May 13, 2021 Latest post: Nov 1, 2021
Dad hadn’t been feeling well for about a week or two, but thinking it was just a virus, didn’t get too concerned.  He was becoming jaundiced  and by Friday, May 7th he was weak and dizzy and mom took him in to the ER.  At first they thought gallbladder, but then not finding any stones, they started running all sorts of tests.  The results have shown a mass on his pancreas, that  is pressing on his bile duct. They did an endoscopy and put a stint in to drain the bile duct. The Dr. told us this morning it is cancer. They just need to know what kind of cancer it is to give us options of care.  So a biopsy is planned for next week to give some time for the inflammation of his gallbladder and liver to go down.  He is still in the hospital, they say he’ll be able to go home when his pain is under control.  That’s all we know for now.