Aaliyah Southwell / Halverson Aaliyah Grace S/H

Aaliyah's Story

As some of you may know my youngest daughter, Aaliyah (age 4), had a severe injury to her right hand where her pointer finger was crushed, requiring surgery to attempt to fix the damage.  At her check-up yesterday (October 10th) to see how her finger was healing, we received the devastating news that she was not healing as well as the doctor hoped and Aaliyah would in fact have to undergo another surgery, this time to remove part of her finger.  Although we had been given a heads up by the doctor to expect another surgery, this was not what I was expecting. Her next surgery is scheduled for Friday, October 18th.

For a bit of the back story:

Aaliyah, Brian (my boyfriend) and I had been out to dinner on Thursday, September 19th,  at a restaurant we go to regularly - a place that is very family oriented and where Aaliyah loves to play the kid's games and win golden eggs.  Duckies is her favorite.  After dinner she went to play the games as she often does and was sitting on the stool.  Aaliyah fell off the chair and it tipped over and crushed her finger.  Brian and I rushed her to Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids and she was admitted through the emergency room.  After a very long evening, the doctors at Mercy contacted Children's Hospital in Minneapolis and we were taken by ambulance to Children's for a 3am emergency surgery where wires were placed in her finger reconstruct some of the damage.  All in all, I've been a wreck since and Aaliyah has been a brave little trooper and has been doing much better than me.  

I'd like to take a second to thank everyone who has helped, checked in on us, gone with to appointments.  Brian, Ashley, Aaliyah's sisters, and grandparents have been wonderful through this and her surgeon, Dr. McCue, has been amazing along with countless nurses.

I have struggled with the thought of asking you to support us, but with this new information on Aaliyah needing another surgery, I know that this is something I have to do.  I am asking you to consider contributing to Aaliyah's medical costs and possibly a little surprise for her to look forward to after all of this is behind us.  I don't know what that "surprise" would be yet, just something I am kicking around and hoping to be able to do for her.  

Any prayers and support is much appreciated 
With Love From Dawn & Family