Supporting Parents During a Premature Birth

When Grace was born 14 weeks early, her parents turned to CaringBridge to communicate their worries and their wins. (May 2013)

Grace's parents found preemie support on CaringBridge.

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Preview of the CaringBridge Experience

'An Incredible Resource'

Complications cascaded after baby Grace was born 14 weeks early. Her mother, Jennifer, started a CaringBridge website immediately.

And during multiple surgeries, plus 18 months of combined hospital and in-home care, she called CaringBridge “an incredible resource.”

Quick Updates to Everyone at Once

“Each time Grace went into surgery,” says Jennifer, “I’d write a Journal update to those who wanted to be kept informed. CaringBridge let the family reach out to many at once, without constantly repeating details on phone calls."

Support on Many Levels

“People would get on our site and leave comments that were so uplifting,” says Jennifer.

Daily journal writing was very therapeutic too, and reading stories similar to their own helped the family realize that they weren’t alone in their difficult time.