The Protection You Want, With the Privacy You Choose

CaringBridge strives to provide a safe, secure place for families on health journeys to share updates and receive support from loved ones.

Because we ensure that websites are protected and private, patients and family caregivers may confidently post updates, without worry or hesitation. Protection and privacy remain, as they always have, a key element when creating a caring experience for people who depend on CaringBridge. That will never change.

The following protection and privacy guarantees are always in place at CaringBridge:

Personal data is protected and not sold.

We promise that information shared by CaringBridge users is protected and will never be sold to anyone, ever.

There’s no outside advertising.

When going through a health journey, advertisements shouldn’t be a focus—help, hope and healing is all that matters. Third-party advertisements will never appear on any CaringBridge site.

News and updates are as private, or public, as an author chooses.

CaringBridge authors are in control of what they share, and with whom. We offer three privacy options, which stay in place unless an author makes a change.

Protection and privacy have always been extremely important at CaringBridge. This is not new. Long before Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat came on the scene, CaringBridge had committed to never selling personal data to make a profit off of someones health crisis. This is also why we became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2002, to solidify our mission to make each health journey easier, without the reliance on advertisers for funding. We want to ensure that families on health journeys feel safe and secure. Always. Want to know more? Check out our Privacy Policy.

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