Why Use Shipt Through CaringBridge

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Easily support a loved one going through a health journey by having groceries and household essentials sent directly to their door through Shipt.

Free, Unlimited Delivery

Get $20 off a Shipt annual membership and free, unlimited delivery when you sign up for Shipt through a CaringBridge site.  

Live Help

We’re here to help you. CaringBridge Customer Care is available by phone, email, and chat to help you through the process.

How to Get Started With Shipt

Step 1

Start or Visit a CaringBridge Site

The first step in using Shipt through CaringBridge is to make sure that your loved ones CaringBridge site is up and ready to go.

  • Need to start a free, secure CaringBridge site? It takes less than five minutes. Learn More
  • Does your loved one already have a site set up? Sign In to visit their site. Sign In

Step 2

Let Your Loved One Know About Shipt

Let your loved one know about Shipt by sending them a message through the Ways to Help page of their CaringBridge site. Click the “Let Author Know” button on the Shipt tile and leave them a Well Wish offering to help them with a delivery of fresh groceries and essentials through Shipt once they check for Shipt in their area.

You can also offer to become a co-author of their site to help manage offers of help from other family and friends.

Step 3

Have Your Loved One Check for Shipt in Their Area

Have your loved one locate the Shipt tile on the Ways to Help page of their CaringBridge site and click on the “Check Zip Code” button to find out if Shipt is available in their area.

Once they have verified that Shipt is available in their area, they can go back to the Shipt tile and click on the “Add Email Address” button so their other family and friends can reach out to coordinate delivery.

Step 4

Coordinate Shopping Needs with Your Loved One

If your loved one has checked their zip code and filled in their email address, you will see an “Email Author” button and a “Go to Shipt” button on the Shipt tile within their Ways To Help page.

You can contact your loved one by clicking the “Email” button and coordinate shopping list/needs, date and time of delivery, and their address for the delivery.

Step 5

Go to Shipt and Place Your Order

After you coordinate all your loved ones shipping needs and delivery details, you click on the “Go To Shipt” button where you will be directed to Shipt’s website to place the order.

You can purchase a Shipt Pass or a Membership to order through Shipt.

  • Get $20 off a Shipt annual membership and free, unlimited delivery when you sign up for Shipt through your CaringBridge site.  
  • Purchase a Shipt Pass for a one-time fee for delivery from any available retailer on the Shipt app or Shipt.com.
  • Receive a discount on Shipt Passes when you purchase them in packs of 3 or 5. The more you purchase together, the more you save. There’s no delivery minimum, and they never expire.


If you need help at any time with your Shipt order, CaringBridge has Customer Care representatives standing by waiting to help.