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How to Tell Your Family You Have Cancer

If you are diagnosed with cancer, it can feel stressful and daunting trying to find the words to say, especially to those who are closest to you.

During this time it’s important to remember that talking can help, and it’s okay to lean on your family and friends for support.

8 Things to Know at the Time of Diagnosis

Getting a diagnosis can be overwhelming and scary. There are so many unknowns that it can be hard to stay calm. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here is some advice from CaringBridge users who have been through their own health journeys on what to keep in mind once you’ve been diagnosed.

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How to Gently Explain Cancer to a Child

Explaining a loved one’s cancer diagnosis to a child can be challenging. What do you say? How do you answer their questions?

To help you with these questions, we asked an expert on the topic to offer advice. Mary Farr, a retired pediatric hospital chaplain, shares how to gently explain cancer so your child can understand.

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10 Tips to Manage Caregiver Role Strain

There’s no way around it. Caregiving is one of the most rewarding responsibilities and a true act of love and devotion to a loved one. But it is also one of the most challenging and stressful responsibilities a family member or friend can take on. In this article, we cover the symptoms and causes of caregiver role strain, as well as 10 insightful tips to help you manage and overcome it.

10 Tips for Parents of Kids with Cancer

Learning your child has a chronic illness is a feeling you cannot prepare for. The new and unfamiliar stresses can cause intense feelings of love, sadness, grief, panic, and guilt. All those feelings are completely normal and valid. However, there are ways to cope with these new emotions that both you and your child may be facing.

We share some tips for parents on how to cope with some of the stress post-diagnosis.

14 Life-Changing Tips to Relieve Caregiver Stress

It’s a fact: caring for another person is stressful. Even though caregiving is one of the most rewarding and selfless acts of kindness a family member can provide, its challenges equal its gifts. In this article, we cover the symptoms and root causes of caregiver stress and offer insightful tips from current caregivers on how to relieve the tension.

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