Channeling Hope to Battle Leukemia

At age two, Ramsey was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. His demanding and difficult treatment started that day. So did his CaringBridge website. (May 2011)

Ramsey and his mother - Battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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Preview of a CaringBridge website

Steps on the Journey

When Shawna and Joseph learned that their two-year-old son had acute lymphoblastic leukemia, they felt devastated. But they clung to hope. The same day Ramsey's demanding and difficult treatment started, his parents set up a CaringBridge website.

Everything on One Site

Shawna and Joseph logged their struggles, small victories and gratitude. They shared words of prayer, love, hope and power. The Journal came to be a source of comfort.

“I look forward to doing this each night,” Shawna wrote. “It’s sort of therapeutic for me.”

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