A Life-Changing Experience, Chronicled on CaringBridge

Writing a CaringBridge blog helped Jeff H. rethink his priorities and connect with the community around him after a heart attack. (March 2013)

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A Chance for Change

Cardiac problems can shake you to your core.

Heart disease grabs you by the lapels, focuses your attention and supercharges your appreciation for being alive. For many, that moment also offers a chance to rethink what’s truly important to you.

Just ask Jeff H., who turned to CaringBridge after a heart attack.

Gaining New Perspective

“During my recovery I wrote a blog with my thoughts on life and to share my story for generations that follow me,” Jeff says.

His premise? “Live your life, do what makes you happy, and do it with people you love.”

Everything You Need to Share and Heal

Every CaringBridge website features a personal Journal where you can share thoughts, events and emotions like Jeff did in his heart disease blog. There’s also a Thoughts & Well Wishes section for messages of love and support, a Ways to Help page that allows people to sign up for meals and tasks, and more.

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