By giving CaringBridge users the ability to choose a gift card from hundreds of top-name brands, Gift Wish™ by Hallmark makes it easy to show support that’s meaningful and helpful, at any point during a health journey.

Here’s How It Works

1) Choose a Gift Wish design and dollar amount.

Visitors select and add messages to Hallmark designs, and designate dollar amounts of $20 or more. Each Gift Wish includes a $2.95 service fee that pays for the activation and processing of the gift card.

2) CaringBridge user receives Gift Wish notification

Gift Wish notifications invite recipients to sign into CaringBridge to read personal messages from visitors and see the designated dollar amounts of Gift Wishes.

3) Gift Wish recipient chooses a gift card

With hundreds of brands to choose from, Gift Wish recipients pick gift cards appropriate for where they are in their health journey. For example: Grab take-out when cooking is difficult; or celebrate a clean scan with a special treat.

The merchants represented are not sponsors of Gift Wish™ or otherwise affiliated with CaringBridge/Hallmark. The logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of and owned by each represented company and/or its affiliates. Please visit each company’s website for additional terms and conditions.

Gift Wish™ is a service of Hallmark Business Connections LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards Inc.