Your Giving Tuesday Gift Keeps People Connected

Isolation, loneliness, and fear are natural feelings that those going through health journeys encounter. Whether an illness means it’s impossible to see friends safely or an extended stay at the hospital keeps families apart, any separation from your support system cuts deeper during a time of needd.


Today, you can push back against those feelings with love, support, hope, and encouragement by supporting CaringBridge and helping friends and family stay connected through this platform.

And today, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by the CaringBridge Board of Directors.

That means if you are able to give $50, our board will chip in to make your gift $100. Or if you are able to give a larger gift, our board will match that, too—up to $100,000 in total giving.

Your gift today has a much bigger impact than you might imagine! In the last year alone, 120,000 people have created a CaringBridge site, and 300,000 people use the site every day. This incredible community requires an equally incredible community of supporters.

Will you consider giving today, on Giving Tuesday?

Any gift you can give today will help keep hundreds of thousands of people in touch with the communities of support they need each day to keep going.

And your gift must be given before midnight for our Board of Directors to match it. Don’t wait any longer—give securely using this donation form.